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EdenPURE GEN2 Quartz Infrared Heater

The GEN2 Portable Heater provides you with the savings and quality of the famous EdenPURE GEN4 at half the size and half the price. At EdenPURE we listen to our customers and, with over 4 million heaters sold, we continue to make improvements. 

The GEN2 introduces even more improvements in the smaller package. EdenPURE incorporates the latest technology, safety and comfort features to provide you with greater comfort, more savings and years of reliability. 

The EdenPURE GEN2 saves you money on your heating bills using our PTC heating element. Long proven PTC heating elements are used to generate powerful waves of comfortable infrared heat. These Positive Temperature Coefficient or PTC heating elements are specially manufactured ceramic stones found to be a highly efficient source of heat. 

These super-durable stones replace our classic infrared bulbs found in other space heaters in the EdenPURE line. We have found the high performance infrared bulbs extremely efficient. But some customers prefer the benefits of the PTC heating. 

We discovered PTC heating elements are extremely durable and will provide heating performance for many years. In fact, the PTC heating elements are built to last for 80,000 hours. That means you could power the PTC element and run it for 24 hours a day for 9 years straight. Talk about durability! 

Plus, the EdenPURE GEN2 portable heater is a self-regulating heater, which means the PTC element will never get hotter than the set temperature, assuring it is a safe heater for any room in your home including those frequented by children and pets