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EdenPURE CopperSMART 1000 Portable Infrared Heater

The EdenPURE CopperSMART 1000 is the next generation of portable infrared heaters incorporating the best features of the EdenPURE line. 

The CopperSMART 1000 is a portable zone heater with a copper PTC heating element at its core. The Positive Temperature Coefficient or PTC heating elements are designed for years of durable use. This supplemental heating source is designed to be a reliable, durable and efficient means of heat production. 

The CopperSMART 1000 sets itself apart from other portable heater with over 4.5 square feet of copper surface area. This, combined with the durable PTC heating element efficiently provides penetrating heat that will not dry out humidity or reduce oxygen. 

And, the EdenPURE CopperSMART 1000 is a safe heater because none of the exposed surfaces get hot to the touch. Unlike other heaters, the EdenPURE heater does not burn off the healthy oxygen in your home. 

Plus, inherent in all EdenPURE PTC heating elements is the smart functioning of the unit to monitor and gauge heat output whereby the PTC element never gets hotter than the set temperature. It is a safety feature that EdenPURE is proud to bring to their line of efficient heaters. The CopperSMART1000 is also equipped with a dual high limit sensor to ensure the heater safety.